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Before shot: VFX for Scandal Crossover Episode

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VFX Legion, the LA company that handles all the CG for ‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ created this ‘before’ shot of actresses Kerry Washington and Oliva Davis on the steps of LA’s City Halls, and built a CG environment replicated the facade of Supreme Court Building in D.C. ‘Scandal’ from the ground up. Both shows are shot in LA, and set in different cities. ‘Scandal’ is shot on an ARRI Alexa camera and and ‘HTGAWM’ on a Sony F55, at different color temps, and under varying lighting conditions. The DPs’ preferences required each environment to be shot twice, once with greenscreens for ‘Scandal’ and then again using bluescreens for ‘HTGAWM’. The crossover epiosdes required that all of the VFX matched the very different look and tone of the two shows. The team constructed a rough 3D model of the set from hundreds of reference photographs stitched together using Agisoft Photoscan, and a technique called ‘photogrammetry.’ Legion’s VFX supervision team also shot HDRI panoramas and 360° multiple exposure photographs of the set, which were used to match the 3D lighting with the live-action film. CG modeling and texturing artists, Trevor Harder, finished detailing the interior 3D models of the courthouse. Tracker, Ruy Delgado achieved a perfect lock on the camera moves in SynthEyes using photogrammetry, lens specs, camera measurements and other on-set survey data. The depth of detail enabled him to match the marble columns inside the courthouse exactly. Many of the set’s walls were ‘wild,’ moving in and out of place depending on the camera angles, requiring Delgado to adjust the 3D model for each shot so that everything lined up. Equipment Used: Shotgun, Redshift, The Foundry’s NUKE, Media Shuttle, Maya